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Fence Kit

"Houdini-Proof" Access Gate

Keep cats safe and secure

Purrfect Cat Fence - 1 Kit - $980.00  
Purrfect Cat Fence - 2-4 Kits - $940.00 Each  
Houdini-Proof Access Gate - 30" wide - $180.00  
60" Gate Extension Kit - $49.00   (Extends width of 30" gate to 60" total)   

Purrfect Cat Fence Enclosure

What exactly is a Purr...fect Cat Fence Enclosure?

Purr…fect Cat Fence is the first complete, free-standing, backyard fence enclosure for cats. Now any cat can safely enjoy all the benefits of the great outdoors, without you worrying about their safety.

Many Benefits....

Provides you with peace of mind & happy cats

Increased living space helps reduce behavioral issues

Cost savings - No pre-existing fence required

Minimal visual impact to your property

Can be self-installed in virtually any configuration, even in front of an existing fence

Why it works....

Our cat fence enclosure material is flexible, so most cats don't like to climb it. For those acrobatic cats that somehow get near the top, the "Houdini-Proof" arch along the top of the enclosure safely turns them back toward the ground.


Purr…fect Fence “Houdini-proof” outdoor cat enclosures are the first and only complete outdoor cat enclosure systems. Our cat enclosures are constructed from a durable, yet flexible poly mesh grid. This element of flexibility discourages cats from climbing, therefore keeping the vast majority of cats from attempting to climb the enclosure. Just in case your cat manages to scale the enclosure, the “cat canopy”, an arched support that directs the enclosure downward at a ninety-degree angle, will safely return your feline friend to the ground.

Installation of our outdoor cat enclosures are uncomplicated and will not damage your lawn in any manner whatsoever. The galvanized post inserts are easily maneuvered into the ground with a sledge and “driving cap” (included). Ground stakes that pin the base of the cat enclosures to the ground every two feet serve as reinforcements to ensure that escape is not possible underneath the cat enclosures.

For those residents who are planning to move in the near future, the post inserts allow you to easily re-locate our outdoor cat enclosures by sliding the posts out of the sleeves, cutting the zip ties, and removing the stakes. Then you can simply reinstall it in your new location. In addition, the Houdini-proof outdoor cat enclosure is virtually invisible, thus your property looks great and your cats are safe!

A cat containment system and much more....

Purr-fect Fence cat containment systems are easily installed by unrolling the fencing and attaching it to the posts along the perimeter of the area in which you wish to create your cat containment area. Our fencing easily forms a most desirable outdoor cat containment system.

Many of our customers end up surrounding large portions of their properties (if you live on a wooded lot, erecting the fence just inside the tree line makes it virtually disappear), while others just create a smaller backyard cat containment area adjacent to the house. If you choose to enclose a sizeable area, and you have deer in the area, then you will also be eliminating deer damage to garden areas, and reducing the risk of contracting Lyme Disease on your property. Simple, yet detailed fencing installation instructions for our cat containment systems are included with every order.

Purr…fect Fence is truly a unique cat containment with which anyone can create a whole new outdoor living area for their cats. Our cat containment barrier fence is now receiving rave reviews throughout all of North America, and we look forward to providing cat owners with an alternative to the limited options presently available to owners of indoor/outdoor cats.

If you are looking for a product that will provide year round cat containment for your pet, that you can easily install yourself, and is completely safe for your animal, then look no further than Purr-fect Fence – the one and only complete cat containment system designed specifically for cats!

What's included....

Each Houdini-Proof Outdoor Cat Enclosure System includes:

1 roll - 7.5' x 100' Heavy Duty Purr...fect Fence

8 - "Houdini-Proof" Arch Extenders

1 roll - 2' x 100' x 2" mesh Chew Guard

8 - 7.5' x 1 3/8" diam. Heavy Duty Posts w/Inserts

1 - Driving Cap for Inserts

60 - 12" Ground Stakes

200 - Heavy Duty Post Zip Ties

400 - Standard Fence Junction Ties

Please Note: The Purrfect Cat Fence System is not eligible for free shipping. Email us for shipping information. Include the item/s you are interested in and the shipping address.

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