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Storge Bag

Easy to Set Up Frame

Optional Self Supporting Rails

Includes Stakes to Secure to the Ground

Use on Hard Surface with optional self supporting rails, or stake to the Ground

Optional Connecting Tunnel

Tunnel Connected to Playhouse

Access Door or Connect to Tunnel

Door/Tunnel Access

Tunnel Shown Connecting Playhouse to Pet Door

Tunnel Connected to Pet Door
(pet door not included)

View from Inside Playhouse

Tunnels - can be used with or without the Playhouse

Multiple Tunnels can be connected together for extra running space

Out of Stock     Purrfect Playhouse Folding Portable Enclosure       $395.00     
Out of Stock     Playhouse Bottom Rail Assembly       $89.00     
Purrfect Playhouse Tunnel       $45.00     

Purrfect Playhouse Folding Portable Enclosure

The Purrfect Playhouse is a completely enclosed, collapsible and portable enclosure measuring 5' x 10' with standing headroom and... Tunnels! Our newest version of the Playhouse allows Playhouse Tunnels to connect to three of the four sides. The tunnels can connect to cat doors allowing the cats to get into the Playhouse from inside your house! You can also connect tunnels just to make extensions to your Playhouse for added space. Tunnels can be connected to each other to make long tunnels. Tunnels can also connect to additional Playhouses. There are almost an infinite amount of different set-ups you can do with Playhouses and Tunnels!... Think cat-sized hamster tubes! We also supply tunnel ends so the Tunnels can be used alone without the playhouse. Please see Purrfect Playhouse Tunnels for more information.

The Purrfect Playhouse is the Purrfect solution for patios, decks and balconies and ideal for anyone who cannot use one of our larger fence systems. Since it packs into a large duffle bag and fits into most cars, it is also ideal for traveling with your cats... Take your cats on your next vacation! The set up and tear down takes minutes and its compact size when collapsed allows it to be stored in a closet or under a bed when not in use making it an excellent solution for many circumstances.

The frame is made from strong and lightweight aluminum. The netting of the enclosure is made of the same strong mesh used for airline-approved soft cat carriers. The mesh is small enough to keep out most insects and has the added benefit of offering about 30% shade. The zippers are all locking. The Playhouse comes with (28) ground stakes to pin the bottom edge of netting to the ground. When using on a hard surface like a deck, patio or balcony, we offer Playhouse Bottom Rails which are a set of specially formed rigid aluminum tubes that connect to the feet of the frame. Human entry and exit is done through a zipper D-door located on one of the 5' sides. Order one now and give your cat(s) the gift of the great outdoors... safely.

What's included....

Each Purrfect Playhouse includes:

Collapsible Aluminum Framework

Netting Assembly for Aluminum Framework w/ Storage Bag

(28) 12" long Galvanized Steel Stakes to Secure Bottom of Netting to the Ground

Large Duffle Bag (fits all of the above)

Ships Free!

Sold Separately....

Purrfect Playhouse Tunnels

These 18" wide by 18" high by 60" long tunnels are designed to easily connect to the newly redesigned Purrfect Playhouse. Tunnels can even be used separately from the Playhouse, although doing so requires the purchase of zip-in Playhouse Tunnel Ends. Please see Purrfect Playhouse Tunnels for more information.

Playhouse Bottom Rail Assembly
When setting up your Purrfect Playhouse on a hard surface like a deck, patio or balcony, the Playhouse Bottom Rail Assembly will allow you to make the bottom of your Playhouse netting secure without staking. The Playhouse Bottom Rail Assembly are made of strong and lightweight aluminum tubing and pack easily into the included carrying bag for easy transport and storage.
Please note, this item is a Purrfect Playhouse accessory only. It has no cat containment use without the Playhouse.

Please note that this product is exactly as described. The Playhouse makes a portable outdoor enclosed area. To be collapsible and portable, it must use a netting and framework that easily compacts. We have not had instances of a cat chewing but it is certainly not impossible. It is also subject to outdoor conditions like wind. We have added staking points and tie down ropes but it is not impervious to inclement weather. Also note, this product is non returnable. We strongly suggest that you look at the product closely and call or email us at with any questions or concerns prior to purchasing.


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