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Multiple Tunnels can be connected together for extra running space

Tunnels - can be used with or without the Playhouse

Tunnel Connected to Playhouse

Tunnel Shown Connecting Playhouse to Pet Door

Tunnel Connected to Pet Door
(pet door not included)

Tunnels can be easily assembled and unassembled for storage

Tunnel End

Purrfect Playhouse Tunnel       $45.00     
Purrfect Playhouse Tunnel - Buy 3 and Save       $119.00     
Purrfect Playhouse Tunnel End       $15.00     

Purrfect Playhouse Tunnel Enclosures

These 18" wide by 18" high by 60" long tunnels are designed to easily connect to the newly redesigned Purrfect Playhouse. They are also constructed of the same strong mesh used on the Playhouse. Each Playhouse has three connection points for tunnels. Tunnels can connect together to make longer tunnels (two connected together make a 10' long tunnel, three connected together make a 15' tunnel etc). Tunnels can also connect to additional Playhouses. Tunnels can even be used separately from the Playhouse although doing so requires the purchase of zip-in Playhouse Tunnel Ends.

Each tunnel comes with three black powder coated steel tunnel supports and two black fiberglass tunnel spreaders. When connecting to a Playhouse, the fabric squares that go where the tunnels attach are moved to the end of the tunnel section. When using the tunnels separately from the playhouse, please be sure to purchase a Playhouse Tunnel End for the entrance and another for the exit.

Please see Purrfect Playhouse Enclosures for more information on our Playhouse.

Disclaimer: Please note that this product is exactly as described. The Playhouse Tunnel is a portable outdoor enclosure. To be collapsible and portable, it must use a netting and framework that easily compacts. We have not had instances of a cat chewing but it is certainly not impossible. Also note, this product is non returnable. We strongly suggest that you look at the product closely and call or email us at with any questions or concerns prior to purchasing.


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