K9 Courier Pet Carrier


This carry bag does it all for your pup. Great for walking, driving or biking; simply slip it over your shoulder and off you go together. The lower waist strap provides stability at your lower back, making walking or biking with your dog a no brainer. Your pup gets to stick his head out of the bag’s contoured side to see all the sites, without getting in your way.

When you need to switch to your vehicle for longer trips, the bag can be set up in your car, acting as a booster seat for your pup. The same straps that helped you carry the bag, now attach around your car seat. Once your dog is attached to the booster seat’s tether, you can drive undistracted knowing they are enjoying a secure ride.

After you’ve made it to your destination, this versatile bag easily converts to a travel bed for your pet.

  • Booster Seat
  • Travel bed
  • Soft, plush interior
  • Pockets for storage
  • Water resistant material
  • Approximate Size: floor is 12″ long (sides can expand out to about 16.5″) X 7.5″ wide X 9.5″ high (sides are 7″ high up to the opening that allows the pet to ride with their head out)

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