Rear Mounted Bike Pet Carrier with Expandable Sides
Available in 3 Colors


Our expandable nylon pet carriers are uniquely designed to unfold once you reach your destination to give your pet additional room to play! Also included are a removable and washable fleece pad for your pet’s comfort, along with an attached leash inside to keep your pet secure. All three models attach to your existing rear rack with 4 nylon clip-on straps plus seatpost strap.

Carrier Dimensions:
16.75″ (L) x 10.5″ (W) x 11.5″ (H) / 30″ wide when expanded

Maximum Weight Limit:
15 pounds or rear rack limit

Safety Information:
Never leave pet unattended or alone in the carrier while bike is resting on a kickstand. CAUTION: Never leave animals confined and unattended in direct sunlight, without ample ventilation or where there is a risk of overheating. Ride safely!

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